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  The CY62148EV30 is a high performance CMOS static RAM organized as 512K words by 8 bits. This device features advanced circuit design to provide ultra low active current. This is ideal for providing More Battery LifeTM (MoBL®) in portable applications such as cellular telephones. The device also has an automatic power down feature that significantly reduces power consumption. Placing the device into standby mode reduces power consumption by more than 99% when deselected (∕CE HIGH). The eight input and output pins (IO0 through IO7) are placed in a high impedance state when the device is deselected (∕CE HIGH), the outputs are disabled (∕OE HIGH), or during a write operation (∕CE LOW and ∕WE LOW). To write to the device, take Chip Enable (∕CE) and Write Enable (∕WE) inputs LOW. Data on the eight IO pins (IO0 through IO7) is then written into the location specified on the address pins (A0 through A18).

  To read from the device, take Chip Enable (∕CE) and Output Enable (∕OE) LOW while forcing Write Enable (∕WE) HIGH. Under these conditions, the contents of the memory location specified by the address pins appear on the IO pins.


  ·Very high speed: 45 ns

  —Wide voltage range: 2.20V –3.60V

  ·Pin compatible with CY62148DV30

  ·Ultra low standby power

  —Typical standby current: 1 μA

  —Maximum standby current: 7 μA (Industrial)

  ·Ultra low active power

  —Typical active current: 2 mA @ f = 1 MHz

  ·Easy memory expansion with CE, and OE features

  ·Automatic power down when deselected

  ·CMOS for optimum speed and power

    ·Available in Pb-free 36-ball VFBGA, 32-pin TSOP II and 32-pin SOIC packages
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